Brooklyn vendors search for new location after shutdown of Aquaduck Flea Market

The lot of 625 Wortman Ave. was once home to the Aquaduck Flea Market. Now, that spot has received an eviction notice and vendors are scared as they figure out how they’re going to make a living.  
Vendors say they used to pay to sell in that lot for years. Over 300 vendors are now searching for a solution and asking for the city’s help.  
“How are we going to survive with our kids, how are we going to feed our families?” said Ernest, a former Aquaduck Flea Market vendor.  
Shoshana Bernstein, an advocate for the vendors, says she understands the potential issues regarding dumping and blocking streets but says that vendors are willing to abide to any regulations as long as they can keep operating.  
“We want a few streets… we will abide by the law, we will clean the streets. We just want to feed the family,” said Bernstein. 
News 12 reached out to Councilmember Charles Barron’s office and is awaiting a response.