Brooklyn woman creates children’s book to illustrate importance of masks to her daughter

A Brooklyn mother is helping families around the world with a book she wrote for her 4-year-old daughter.
Aisha Goodridge wrote “Abby and the Magic Mask” as a way to explain the coronavirus to her child in a fun and engaging way.
She says she wants to help children understand the importance of wearing masks.
“No matter how comfortable children are, at some point they get restless, so I had to kind of make it well, it’s magical,” Goodridge says. “So you keep it on, you are a superhero and then we can go anywhere and do anything and it worked.”
There is also a dance in the book called the Abby Glide, a theme song and a cartoon that lets readers know how to glide.
The Brooklyn woman was inspired to write the book after losing her cousin to the coronavirus last year.
She hopes the book will make a difference to individuals around the world.
“I am hoping that the book becomes a universal teaching tool, not just for COVID, but for flus and any infectious disease,” Goodridge says. “I hope that makes us not forget how far we have come.”
Goodridge has two other books and a novel also in the works.