Brooklyn's Paperboy Love Prince hopes to tackle poverty and housing as mayor of NYC

Paperboy Love Prince is a Brooklyn native, an artist, a rapper, an activist and the owner of the "Love Gallery" in Bushwick. And they are also running for mayor.
Paperboy Love Prince also challenged Rep. Nydia Velazquez last year for her seat in Congress.
They say when it comes to their campaign, it's all about love.
Extended interview with Paperboy Love Prince
"The people need representation. The people need love. The people need energy. They need passion. They need people that are going to fight for them the same way they feel when they have an eviction notice at their door. They need elected officials that are fighting for them with that same energy," Paperboy Love Prince says.
As an artist, Paperboy Love Prince says they realized the importance of fashion and culture to New York City and says the goal is to highlight that.
"So many people talk about hate, and they talk about stopping hate, and we decided to stand up and say when there's that hate, the only thing that can fight it is love," Paperboy Love Prince says. "A lot people I talk to they think of it as like some hippie thing that's not real, but I feel like it's the realest thing that we can have."
Paperboy Love Prince says they want to establish a "love ticket," emphasizing that they can have more positive reinforcement in the community.
They say poverty and housing are two crucial issues in their campaign that require urgency. "They're like fires that are burning as we speak and I want to grab some water and go put out right now," they say.
Extended interviews with Paperboy Love Prince and the rest of the candidates can be found here.
May 28 is the last day to register to vote in person or have mail-in applications postmarked by. Anyone that needs to change their address needs to do so by June 2. Primary Election Day is June 22.