Brownsville park opens at the site of 4 former housing project towers

A new park in Brownsville was unveiled Thursday at the site of a former NYCHA development.
The park has been in development for years with the goal of helping children be active. There are lots of new amenities including basketball courts, play equipment, a spray shower, game tables and seating areas.
To construct the $2.4 million project, four housing project towers were demolished, and low-rise, mixed-use buildings that offer affordable housing were constructed in its place.
When development started 10 years ago, local leaders asked residents what they wanted to see. They asked for affordable housing, a grocery store and a park. A store has not yet opened, but residents were happy to see two of the recommendations come through.
Community board member Viola Greene-Walker says families have already started moving back into nearby buildings, and that the park is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.