Brujas of Brooklyn twin sisters work to help women health

The twin sisters known as Brujas of Brooklyn combine their academic backgrounds in sociology and experiences to help women improve their health.
Dr. Miguelina Rodriguez says their mom and dad practiced afro indigenous spirituality, called The 21 Divisions or Las 21 Divisiones in the Dominican Republic.
The sisters grew up with alters and going to see people like mediums, divinations and taking spiritual baths.
Although 'bruja' translates to 'witch' in English, the sisters say you shouldn't confuse them with the ones you hear about in Halloween stories.
As Afro-Dominicans the sisters focus on healing with a special focus on women of color.
"We exist in a structure that dehumanizes Black people and dehumanizes women so when those two things intersect, it's no surprise that Black women are afflicted with these imbalances more than others," says Dr. Griselda Rodriguez-Solomon.
The sisters say during the pandemic their work expanded because people were looking for ways to deal with anxiety.