Bushwick administrator $25,000 richer for her outstanding work in education

The annual Milken Educator Award is given to 40 outstanding educators in the country. This year, only one teacher in the state was chosen for the honor.
The award was given to Princess Francois the assistant principal of the Math, Engineering, and Science Academy in Bushwick.
Staff and students cheered as Francois' name was called to win the $25,000 award. "We're looking for educators who, their practices whether they're an administrator or in the classroom, have been very innovative and students are learning more with that educator than other years and other educators," said the senior vice president of the Milken Family Foundation.
The award also celebrates teachers who have had exceptional accomplishments in education and leadership. Francois says although teaching is a thankless job, it's nice to know that her hard work and sacrifices are being recognized.
"I feel like teaching found me. I originally actually wanted to be a doctor, and then I had joined 'Teach for America,' and it was through that, that I fell so in love with my kids because I was teaching in a neighborhood that I came from, and so I saw myself in the kids so I knew this was something that I wanted to do for the rest of my life," said Francois.
As for the award, money can be used however the recipient chooses. Francois says she plans to use some of it to help with her upcoming wedding.