Bushwick neighborhood in the dark following manhole fire

Residents in a Bushwick neighborhood are without power after a manhole fire Friday morning.
Con Edison told News 12 about half of the homes on Hancock Street lost power Friday morning, and crews are working to get that power back on as quickly as possible.
The utility said six customers in one building are out of service.
It's believed to have all been caused by a manhole in the middle of the block.
Along with Con Edison, FDNY crews and National Grid are also on the scene.
Fire officials say they received a call at 8:50 a.m. about the fire at 1000 Hancock St.
A neighbor said a car had been parked on top of the manhole, but the driver had pulled away just prior to it going up in flames.
Another resident said she heard an explosion and her electrical power was gone a few moments later.
The fire department was called out to the scene as well because of reports that there were high carbon monoxide readings in at least one of the homes. Authorities said three residents were temporarily evacuated from two homes.
Con Edison said it hopes to have the power restored to those impacted by Friday evening.