Bushwick tenants call on city to get heat, gas back to their apartments

Bushwick tenants are calling for the city to help getting back their hot water, heat and gas.
Many tenants in the apartment building on Harman Street say for years they've also had leaks, rats, mold and other problems their landlord has not been sufficiently addressing.
They say the landlord sometimes sends a plumber in to do work, but issues in their apartments are never fully repaired. Some say he has even tried to push them out of the building.
Now, the tenants have obtained legal counsel and filed a petition in housing court to substitute their current landlord with a vetted and court-approved administrator to manage the building.
They're also calling on the city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development to support this appointment and provide immediate repairs to their apartments.
The city's Department of Housing Preservation and Development told News 12 it will be selecting a contractor to make the necessary repairs. An HPD worker told News 12 the heat, hot water and gas should be restored by the end of the day Wednesday.