Businesses begin boarding up in preparation for possible Election Day protests

Some businesses in New York City are preparing for protests and looting ahead of Election Day.
In Downtown Brooklyn, some businesses were seen prepping for the possibility of protests following Election Day results.
Crews from I Lock New York tell News 12 they were hired to board up the Foot Locker on Fulton Street, but this is one of more than two dozen businesses they’ll be boarding up throughout the city.
They say the businesses they’re working with reached out because they’re concerned about potential looting Tuesday and want to be prepared. Several other businesses are also appearing to be boarded up, like Macy’s on Fulton Street.
The supervisor of I Lock New York tells News 12 they’re often hired for glass replacement for storefronts, locker placements and board-ups.
“It’s always our storefront door broke, or the wind took it and broke the glass and will go with one piece of plywood and fix it and board it and, you know, come back a day later and replace the glass, but it’s never been on this scale,” says Peter Duffy, of I Lock New York.
He tells News 12 they still have close to 30 more businesses they’ll be boarding up between Monday and Tuesday morning.