Businesses on City Island targeted by racist, antisemitic flyers

Two City Island restaurants are the target of racist flyers that perpetuate racism and antisemitism.  
Seafood Kingz, a Black-owned business, and Archie’s Tap & Table, a Jewish-owned business, received a racist flyer in the mail last week that brandishes the N-word, Jews, and says bad news on the bottom.  
The caricatures used on the flyers come from a right-wing political cartoonist, although the shocked restaurant owners say they don’t believe the artist has any affiliation with the incident. 
“I’m just shocked at who would waste the time to do this,” said Alexander Pertsovsky, owner of Archie’s Tap & Table. “This is just disgusting, and the hate won’t be tolerated.” 
Pertsovsky, who is Jewish, says they’ve been in business on City Island for 10 years and have never once experienced antisemitism until this.  
According to the envelope the flyer was sent in, they were processed at a mailing facility in New Jersey. They do not have a return address or stamp. 
Seafood Kingz owner Darryl Lelie opened his business less than a year ago and says this experience is new to their business too. 
“It tries to make you feel as though the problem with the city are the two nationalities on this paper,” said Lelie. “It’s sick… it doesn’t feel good.” 
Both restaurants tell News 12 that they won’t be going anywhere. Pertsovsky says he has been in contact with the local community board and police.
Seafood Kingz shared the flyer to their Instagram and plans to have a community event on Nov. 12 to rally against racism and hate.