Calf from slaughterhouse runs loose on Brooklyn street

Employees of Saba Live Poultry in Canarsie say the calf escaped from their facility into the streets.

Adolfo Carrion and Mary-Lyn Buckley

Mar 21, 2023, 9:48 PM

Updated 394 days ago


A calf was on the run in Canarsie on Tuesday afternoon and chased down Avenue L.  
The calf was initially spotted on Rockaway Avenue and made its way over to Avenue D before being captured. It escaped from Saba Live Poultry, a nearby slaughterhouse, according to employees who work there.  
Some of the neighbors in the area who ran out of work to try and capture the calf spoke with News 12 about the experience.  
“I was trying to hurdle her, but she was getting feisty and running, trying to get away,” said Vinny Fontana, owner of Original Pizza. “We were all pitching in and trying to hurdle the cow.” 
The 4-month-old calf is now back in the hands of the farmer who brought her to Brooklyn. He says that she’s now headed back to a farm in Pennsylvania instead of the slaughterhouse. 

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