Candlelight vigil held in remembrance of slain 47-year-old Brooklyn man

A candlelight vigil was held to remember 47-year-old Jeroid Tindal, who was shot and killed in his home, in Bed-Stuy Wednesday night.
Police say Tindal was shot three times after a shooter knocked on his door and opened fire inside his Independence Towers apartment on March 8.
"All we want is justice for my brother. Justice for his kids. Justice for his grandchildren. They haven't caught any one yet, but we want to show what kind of man he really represented. And they left me being the only sibling, OK? They took that from me, we want justice for him," said Tindal's sister, Gwendolyn Tindal.
His family says he was a loving father to his children and want justice for his death.
No arrests have been made in the investigation.