Cannabis Control Board makes changes to how NY is handling growing market

The state Cannabis Control Board made some changes to how the state is currently dealing with its growing marijuana market.  
Unlicensed cannabis retailers will now need to tell the state that they stopped conducting business after receiving a violation. Prior to this, the Office of Cannabis Management was responsible for figuring out if the retailer properly complied.  
The retailers will have five days to do it. If they don’t the OCM will take it as a sign they’re still in operation.  
"The reason why this is important is that the statue permits us a up to $20,000 per day for every day after issuing the order to cease,” said one member of the board. “The burden on us to go back every single day in order to prove non-compliance is far too great." 
John Rufino, who spoke to News 12 about his ongoing CAURD license issues and attempting to set up shop near two unlicensed cannabis retailers, says he still hasn’t been able to get his business off the ground, along with other holders of CAURD licenses.  
“I understand these stores open up, it’s not like they’re letting anyone else open up,” said Rufino. “Give us some type of information. We’re all lost, we’re going off hearsay.” 
The OCM has pushed back application deadlines by two weeks, and the deadline for non-provisional micro applicants is now Nov. 17. The deadline for all other license types will be Dec. 18.