Cannabis Cousins put emphasis on informed consumption

There are 23 legal cannabis dispensaries across New York, and a pop-up in Brooklyn is trying to set itself apart.
Good Grades is a legal cannabis showcase in Brooklyn.
With a dispensary in Queens and a pop-up location in Flatbush, owners Extasy and James Michael want their customers to understand what they are consuming, where the product comes from, and how to safely use cannabis. 
"With cannabis it has a bad rep, ... but there's more to cannabis," Extasy James explains.
Known as the 'Cannabis Cousins', the duo strives to be the trusted cannabis source of New York City.
The in-store 'budtenders' give clients the information they need about the products they are looking to purchase. Asia Muhammad says some customers come in with no prior knowledge to cannabis and she says this store is a great resource to clients.
"Some customers come in and know what they want, and some come in and they haven't smoked cannabis or taken any cannabis products at all. So that's where my job comes in, to enlighten them on the good, the bad, what's for them, what might not be for them," said Muhammad. 
Good grades pop-up will be in Brooklyn through Dec. 31.