Capt. Barrington Irving, the 1st Black man to fly solo across the earth, inspires students through program

Some students in Sunset Park took a virtual trip around the world with a man who has flown around the globe.
Capt. Barrington Irving is the first Black man to fly solo across the earth. Not only was he the only man to do so, but he was also the youngest to do so at the age of 23 in 2007. 
He accomplished the feat in 97 days. 
On Wednesday, he took some time to talk to kindergartners at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy as part of his ‘Flying Classroom’ program. 
The program encourages kids to get into STEM research through design workshops inspired by Irving’s travels. 
He says educators play a big part in inspiring his lessons. 
"A lot of our content is driven by teachers. teachers say hey, we want you to explore this, we want you to explore that. So, we've figured out a creative way to bring these subjects to life,” said Irving.