Car parade showing support for President Trump stretches for miles in Brooklyn

Supporters of President Donald Trump held a car parade Sunday in Brooklyn to rally support for their candidate nine days ahead of the election.
Cars stretched for miles down Coney Island Avenue.
People who participated decorated their cars with Trump flags and slogans as they honked their horns.
The organizer of the rally called the Republican Party the "silent majority," saying he wants people to come out to loudly proclaim their support for President Trump rather than feeling the need to keep it a secret.
Some say they are hoping to garner more support for Trump, while others just want people to vote.
"To encourage people to go out and vote and do some research," says participant of the rally, Josh. "It doesn't have to be Trump. Do your research Trump or Biden. Either one just go out and vote and voice your beliefs."
Other participants at the rally say they hoping the president is reelected for another four years.