CCRB report: Nearly 150 police officers used excessive force during 2020 protests

A new report published by the Civilian Complaint Review Board shows nearly 150 NYPD officers accused of excessive force during protests in 2020. 
At the height of the protests following the death of George Floyd, the CCRB says it received over 750 complaints against NYPD officers. 300 of those complaints were made in 48 hours.  
The CCRB’s multiyear investigation relied on civilian and officer statements, as well as video footage collected from witnesses and officer-worn body camera footage. Some of the body camera tape showed assault, pepper-spraying and unjust arrests being made, according to the report.  
From this investigation, the board opened 321 investigations of misconduct. Among those, 146 of those officers involved were found committing misconduct. 
NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell finalized complaints against 78 of those officers, imposing discipline on 42 of them.  
The NYPD responded to this report with a statement on its website saying in part that it "respectfully object to much of the CCRB's characterization of its response to the 2020 protest." It added that after over two years, the department has made many of the appropriate changes that were recommended in the report.