CDC changes quarantine guidelines for people exposed to coronavirus

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has released new quarantine guidelines reducing the number of days a person will need to quarantine after being exposed to the coronavirus.
The CDC says stay home orders can end after 10 days if a person exposed has not exhibited any symptoms throughout their quarantine period.
Individuals who test negative can end their quarantine after seven days.
CDC officials say the change comes after recent findings, and data supports the change for the new guidelines.
The CDC's switch from a 14-day quarantine to a 10-day period comes on the heels of a nationwide spike in COVID-19 cases.
"If we can reduce the burden a little bit, accepting that it comes out a small cost, we may get a greater compliance overall with people completing a full quarantine in seven days and with more people completing it that will result in fewer infections," said the CDC.
The CDC is still urging people to skip travel plans this holiday season.
If you must travel, officials suggest getting a COVID-19 test one to three days before traveling and three to five days after you travel.