CDC urges people at risk of Mpox to get vaccinated ahead of possible summer resurgence

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention is urging people at risk of Mpox to get vaccinated before a possible surge in cases that could occur over the summer.
Mpox is a disease that causes rashes, skin lesions and can lead to flu-like symptoms. Health experts say the virus can be transmitted through close contact with anyone who has the infection. However, during the 2022 outbreak, infections were mostly among men who have sex with men.
The CDC reports at least a dozen people in the Chicago area currently have Mpox. All of the cases were among men between the ages of 24 and 46. Despite showing symptoms of the virus, none of the patients have been hospitalized.
Four of the men had recently traveled to New York, New Orleans and Mexico. Nine out of the 13 infected had received both doses of the vaccine.
"For folks who are vaccinated and still get Mpox, it is strongly suspected that the Mpox that they currently have is much less severe than it would have been had they not gotten the vaccine,” said Dr. Kristin Englund, infectious disease specialist at the Cleveland Clinic.
In light of warnings from the CDC, mobile vaccination sites will be set up at Pride in the Park and other events in the tristate area commemorating Pride Month starting next week.
Urgent care nurse practitioner Chelcia Foster says it is important to pay attention to CDC guidance on the issue.
“If you're high risk, go ahead and set that appointment for vaccine sooner rather than later so your body can build immunity to the virus,” she said.
The CDC website also has a locator tool to help people find a clinic to receive the vaccine.