CDC warns parents of newborns on parechovirus

The Centers for Disease Control have warned parents of newborn children about a virus called parechovirus. 
The virus reportedly infects the infant’s nervous system, and has already hospitalized 23 infants. 
The agency says those children were between five days and 3 months old, and according to Dr. Brenda Anosike, that is the age range where infection is most common.  
“Where it becomes more of an issue is those children who are more susceptible to really severe disease are the infants,” said Dr. Anosike. “Particularly those less than six months of age and even more so less than three months of age.” 
Dr. Anosike says she has seen cases of parechovirus throughout New York City, but that parents should not get too worried as the virus is considered mild.  
She went on to say that your child may have had it and built up an immunity to it. It is spreadable to adults, and often appears with similar symptoms to the common cold.  
The virus can be spread through contaminated food and water, as well as fecal matter.  
Despite often mild symptoms, Dr. Anosike says that there is a reason the CDC is focused on parechovirus today. 
“They don’t develop that immunity we once saw before,” said Anosike. “So with the mandates that are a little bit lax… unfortunately those viruses are still circulating.” 
There is no vaccine for parechovirus but chances of catching the virus can be mitigated by washing your hands and keeping clean.