Chilly sunshine with highs in the low 60s to kick off first weekend of fall

Update from the Tropics: Tropical depression 9 has formed and will most likely become 'Ian.' Current models show that the storm may impact Florida around Tuesday of next week. There is a chance remnants could affect the tri-state area next weekend. However, it is very early and much could change. The News 12 Storm Watch Team will keep you updated on developments as they become available.
WHAT'S NEW: The cold front from yesterday has come and gone, but left a breezy wind and a chill in the air in it’s wake. This will continue through the rest of the day and into the first half of Saturday 
WHAT'S NEXT:  High pressure moves in over the weekend, giving us a nice first weekend of Autumn, but clouds will increase by the end of Sunday and then rain arrives. Rain chances are rising for late Sunday into early Monday, then we trend mild for a few days before another front comes by and cools us down again.
FIONA is a CAT 3 hurricane with 125 mph winds. It is moving towards southeast Canada over the weekend, but kick up rough waves for LI.
GASTON is a tropical storm that poses no threat to land as it churns in the north Atlantic Ocean, heading towards the Azores.
HERMINE is a tropical storm that formed as this update, WAY out in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, close to Africa. It poses no threat to the US.
NINE is a tropical depression, that formed earlier today, in the central Caribbean Sea. It is likely to become our next named storm, IAN (EE-an), within the next 24 hours, and it’s track takes into Cuba then potentially Florida by next week. Possibly as a major hurricane.
There is 1 other disturbance we are watching in the ocean, that has a small chance of development, and is located in the Central Atlantic.
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Addison Green says the winds will lessen and temperatures will rise for the weekend.
OVERNIGHT: Mostly clear with breezy winds. Expect another crisp & cool, sometimes chilly, feeling to be in the air.  Lows: upper 40s to low 50s. 
SATURDAY: *PICK OF THE WEEK* - Staying dry, with milder temps and sunny skies with fading winds. Nice looking for Fall activities. Highs: low to mid 70s. Lows: mid 50s.
SUNDAY: Mostly sunny at first then to partly cloudy, then after sunset, showers will arrive, through the overnight hours into Monday. Expect a mild day with a light breeze. Highs: mid 70s. Lows: upper 50s to low 60s.
NEXT WEEK: Shower activity fades by the morning rush on Monday then with drier and clearer skies to follow, as temps cool down from the mid 70s to upper 60s. Another front passes us by on Wednesday, helping to lower the temps.