City Council candidate to dive in polluted Coney Island Creek

A Brooklyn man seeking a seat on the City Council is aiming to raise awareness about a highly polluted body of water in Coney Island by scuba diving straight into it.
Steven Patzer, 22, is running for City Council in the 47th District, which includes the polluted estuary known as Coney Island Creek. For decades, activists say it was the site of illegal dumping, a garbage incinerator and abandoned boats.
Patzer says this body of water has been forgotten and ignored for too long. In the spring, he plans to scuba dive into the creek with a team of divers to help rid it of glass, plastic and any other floating objects.
The dive was first reported in the Brooklyn Paper.
Patzer says he did his research and was told the water is swimmable. He says he hopes the dive will get officials to pay attention and take steps to clean up the creek. Patzer also says he has received permission from the state Department of Environmental Conservation to pursue the dive.