City Council members and activists push for safer, more reliable MTA

New York City Council members and activists gathered on the steps of City Hall Thursday to introduce resolution 460, a legislative package to create a safer and more reliable MTA.
”I have personally experienced how hard it is really throughout the city, and even my own borough, as many of y'all have the outer boroughs experience every day. The city cannot, alone, be in this fight to increase ridership and safety on our public transit system without our governor's deep investment,” said Council Member Amanda Farias.
Along with the promise of a six-minute service, the group is pushing for improved safety throughout the public transit system and an increase in bus service by frequency by 20%.
The group is also advocating for free buses and freezing subway fares at $2.75 per ride.
“We're demanding that this governor and this mayor make sure they keep the price at $2.75, which is still one of the most expensive subway rides in the world. We should be leading every city in America, we should be leading every place in the globe and have our values in place when it comes to the price of a MetroCard,” said Council Member Christopher Marte.
News 12 reached out to the MTA, Mayor Eric Adams and Gov. Kathy Hochul. The governor's office replied in part with, "Gov. Hochul took action in 2021 to avoid a fare hike or service reductions, and she is committed to providing safe, quality, and reliable transit service to riders. We will continue working with federal partners and state legislators on how to best support public transit."