City councilman joins Brooklyn tenants in demanding gas be turned back on

While many cooked turkeys and fired up an assortment of foods Thursday, residents in one Brooklyn building are still without gas to make those fixings.
City Councilman Justin Brannan spoke Thursday, surrounded by the residents of 303 99th St., calling for their cooking gas to finally be turned back on after more than two months.
They say it was shut off for repairs to be done, but then the landlord sent unlicensed contractors, which is when tenants called the city with concerns for their safety.
The city then issued a stop work order until licensed plumbers were hired. Residents say they've been trying to reach the landlord for weeks to find out when this will be completed but haven't heard anything.
For now, they're forced to use hot plates and order delivery for Thanksgiving.
Organizers and tenants say they're going to keep working to get the gas on -- even if it takes legal action.