City Council's Public Safety Committee considers NYPD reform proposals

Members of the City Council’s Public Safety Committee are proposing ways to reform the NYPD and make it more accountable to the people it serves. 
Some of those proposals include: 
  • Quarterly reports of all NYPD traffic stops 
  • Ending qualified immunity for officers in certain situations 
  • Asking the state to remove the police commissioner’s disciplinary authority 
The committee referenced the death of Tonie Wells. Wells’ mother, Elizabeth Rivera, began the meeting Tuesday--recounting how her daughter was found dead after she says calls for help went uninvestigated. 
Police Commissioner Dermot Shea did not testify, but those representing the NYPD argue that recent reforms need time to be tested before another action is taken. 
The Police Benevolent Association blasted the legislative package, calling it “four of the most egregious bills recently referred to the Public Safety Committee.” 
The bills must pass a vote in the Public Safety Committee before they can be presented to the full council.