City launches new initiative to support Islamic call to public prayer

Mayor Eric Adams and NYPD Commissioner Edward Caban announced a new initiative Tuesday to support the Islamic call to public prayer.
The Adhan is a religious chant that is typically played out loud in public for a few minutes to call Muslims to prayer. According to the Islamic Cultural Center of New York, prayers take place five times a day.
Under the new the initiative, mosques and other houses of worship will be allowed to broadcast the Adhan for all to hear without needing a sound permit.
"Under the law, we are all treated equally. That's why I want to be very clear, we are not changing the laws to benefit anyone or any one group," said Mayor Adams. "New Yorkers should know the volume must be kept to a reasonable level and it can be played between 12:30 p.m. and 1:30 p.m. each Friday."
The next time you can expect to hear the Adhan is Sept. 1 for the midday prayer. Muslim communities will also be allowed to play the Adhan for sunset prayer every day during Ramadan, which begins in March.
Elected leaders say this is a step toward ensuring New Yorkers of all faiths feel free to practice openly.