City officials: Mayor Adams redirecting DOT to make changes to city’s McGuinness Blvd. redesign

Three people have died in crashes on the boulevard in the past decade.

News 12 Staff

Jul 7, 2023, 12:20 AM

Updated 318 days ago


According to city officials, Mayor Eric Adams has directly instructed the Department of Transportation to adjust the city’s plans to redesign McGuinness Boulevard.  
Three people have died in crashes on the boulevard in the past decade. The mayor proposed a plan earlier this year to create safer streets for bike riders and pedestrians. 
“That plan included the removal of two lanes of travel and the maintaining of parking on the boulevard, and the implementation of protected bike lanes north and south,” said Bronwyn Breitner, coordinator of Make McGuinness Safe. 
Breitner says that she and her community are frustrated by the changes. On the other hand, opposing organizations like Keep McGuinness Moving were concerned that the proposed plan would be limiting access to the area.  
“Hundreds of businesses rely on it,” said Juda Engelmayer, spokesperson for Keep McGuinness Moving. “It’s also a trucking route. There are local businesses who rely on it, and there are residents who live around the area… and it becomes a problem.” 
Engelmayer says that Keep McGuinness Moving says they don’t want to prevent more safety along the road, but rather come to a solution that benefits all parties.  

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