City officials: Rat sighting complaints down 20% in last 2 months

The number of 311 complaints about rat sightings is down by 20% citywide in the last two months compared to this time in 2022, according to city officials.  
Officials say that in the four rat mitigation zones, complaints are down by an average of 45% in that same timespan compared to last year.  
Over the past few months, New York City has implemented a number of rules and initiatives to deal with the citywide rat issue, such as modifying trash can collection times to prevent garbage on the curbs for an extended time and other cleaning and extermination efforts among the city agencies.  
The four rat mitigation zones are the focus of these initiatives, including the Bushwick/Bed-Stuy area in Brooklyn and the Grand Concourse area in the Bronx. Some residents say that they're not believing the city's reported numbers when it comes to rat sightings. 
“That’s a lie, I’ve lived here for 28 years and there weren’t that many rats and now it’s infested," said one long-time Bed-Stuy resident. “They’re all over. You can’t even go outside and walk, they just run across your feet, they’re in your garbage, backyard... kids aren't even safe out here."
The city will host a series of anti-rat days of action across the five boroughs over the coming months, with the first one taking place in Harlem on Aug. 12.