City restaurant owners brace for mayor, governor to revert dining restrictions if COVID-19 cases increase

Local restaurant owners are preparing for the mayor and governor to put a stop to dining due to increasing COVID-19 cases citywide.
Mayor Bill de Blasio emphasized what Gov. Andrew Cuomo stated on Wednesday, that restrictions are coming for indoor dining.
Rafael Hasid, owner of Miriam in Park Slope, says he can live without indoor dining if that happens, but getting rid of sit-down service completely would cripple his eatery.
He says that his staff has worked hard to set up extensive outdoor seating at its corner location and finds that most diners prefer to eat outdoors anyway.
Miriam has insulated tents and heaters set up all around to welcome customers even as temperatures drop.
De Blasio has also said he spoke with the governor and it is likely that indoor dining will be eliminated within the next week or two.