City Tech students look to fight food insecurity with visits to NYC food pantries on the rise

As visits to New York City food pantries continue to rise, students at City Tech are looking to bridge the gap, especially when it comes to feeding fellow students.  
The students plan to help alongside a brand-new resource center that has been built inside the college. The resource center, called the NEST, is a food pantry dedicated to students.  
NEST stands for Nutrition for Education and Student Achievement. At the NEST, students can get fresh produce and even meat products just by booking an appointment online. Staff members help the students select groceries while prioritizing the student’s privacy. 
According to Feeding America, one in every 10 New Yorkers faces hunger each day. Organizers are hoping that the NEST can give some students one less thing to worry about. 
Anyone interested in helping to support the new City Tech N.E.S.T. Resource Center can make a tax-deductible gift here. In the gift designation box, select Other and write Student Pantry.