City workers seek more security after man is found with clown mask, gun in building

A tip to police that a man was carrying a clown mask and a loaded gun inside a city building Monday may have saved people from getting hurt.
The incident occurred at the Human Resources Administration building at 505 Clermont Ave. in Fort Greene before a client saw something and said something.

A photo released by police shows the clown mask, gun and bullets recovered from 30-year-old Bed-Stuy resident Rahmeek Younger after he was arrested Monday.
Police say he was on the fourth floor of the building, a place where New Yorkers can access social services.
No one was hurt, but many workers there say they feel uneasy and that they weren’t informed that the incident happened until Tuesday. Some workers have asked for metal detectors and armed guards.
The HRA Officers' Union says there were four officers on duty, as well as other security guards, but none of them are allowed to be armed.
The HRA staff wasn’t allowed to speak on camera, but community activist Tony Herbert came out to call for more security.

“It's scary all the way around the city. You have employees who just want to come and do their job, they just want to do the work,” he says.

A Department of Social Services representative said in a statement in part, “Security across our centers have been advised and will remain vigilant, working in close coordination with our partners at NYPD, to ensure our centers are welcoming, safe spaces for all.”

Police says Younger is facing two criminal possession of a weapon charges and a violation of a local law.