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cityWell Brooklyn brings New Yorkers back to nature with wellness services

The backyard retreat is recognized for its aesthetic.

News 12 Staff

Mar 7, 2021, 1:15 PM

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During the coronavirus pandemic, cityWell Brooklyn became more popular because of its unique setup. However, the hidden gem has attracted customers for the past five years because of its wellness services. 
Owner Liz Tortolani calls it a boutique bathhouse.
“They need a place to feel like they're getting away and that's really honestly what we've always tried to create at cityWell,” said Tortolani. 
The backyard retreat is recognized for its aesthetic. 
“It was pretty incredible just to get mentioned at the awards. It was a very small project and these design awards you know everyone participates like even huge architects that have like 300 people working for them. So, it was a big gain to be even nominated,” said interior designer Deborah Mariotti. 
"When COVID hit, everyone was googling outdoor massage, outdoor spa and you know we came up because we've been here and doing this for all this time,” said Tortolani. 
The experiences can be private and tailored to each client because of safety guidelines.

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