Civic association president frustrated with vendors profiting off of neighborhood's Christmas displays

The Dyker Heights Civic Association is calling out companies looking to profit off of a Christmas display in its neighborhood.
Some homeowners  in the community have already started putting up their holiday decorations.
The president of the Dyker Heights Civic Association, Fran Vella-Marrone, says that thousands come to the neighborhood along with food vendors and touring companies.
Vella-Marrone says she wants people to come and enjoy the lights but doesn't support vendors making money off of tourists if none of the money is going back into the community.
"It's really become a drain and we haven't benefited from it," Vella-Marrone says. "So that's a concern for us, in that it's continuing and it's getting more and more with these tours."
Councilman Justin Brannan recently passed a bill that prohibits street vending on certain streets in Dyker Heights from Thanksgiving until New Years Day.