Cloudy conditions could hamper seeing this week’s ‘Harvest Moon’

The full Harvest Moon makes an appearance in our sky late this week. The question is will we be able to see it here in the tri-state area?
It’s going to be tough. This damp, stagnant weather pattern will continue as the week closes. It may make it hard to see the moon when it’s full Friday morning. The time of that full moon is right before the sun rises.
Unfortunately for fans of the full moon, the weather will be cloudy and wet. No worries though, conditions improve throughout the weekend and will be much better by Saturday night to see it.
This is the first moon after the autumnal equinox, and it’s known as the Harvest Moon for obvious reasons. It’s said that farmers would use the “added” light of the moon early in the evenings to get crops harvested before the cold weather arrived. This moon is also considered extra special because it’s the fourth and final “supermoon” of the year.
The term “supermoon” is used to describe a moon in perigee (closest approach) or one that is within 90% of its closest approach. The moon will technically be a little larger and brighter, but that’s really in comparison to the “micromoon”(apogee, or farthest distance from Earth.)
The timing of this full moon isn’t great for coastal communities. With another storm offshore in the next few days, tides will be running high already and coastal flooding is a concern. The moon will enhance conditions and possibly aid in flooding, which may last into the weekend.
There are also small craft advisories, high surf advisories and rip current risks at points along the tri-state coastline.