Community comes together to clean Memorial Grove in Van Cortlandt Park

A community is coming together to clean a memorial after seeing a man's call for help on News 12.
Herb Barret, 90, discovered the Memorial Grove in Van Cortlandt Park while riding his bike in 2006.
Barret is worried about how the monument, which honors fallen soldiers from World War I, World War II and the Korean War, will be maintained after he is gone.
News 12 spoke with Barret in early March as he called for assistance from his community members after not getting answers from the Parks Department.
Barret now has help from a new friend.
Local organizer Moussa Diakite of Lifting Up the World, heard the call and took action.
He came with backup from his children and their friends.
Barret says his dream is for groups to regularly volunteer to maintain the memorial.