Commuters demand MTA get B42 bus back on schedule

Commuters in Canarsie say the B42 bus never runs on schedule and are demanding the MTA do better.
Riders say buses park in lots instead of picking up more riders. They say other buses go out of service and just drive through and out of the lot entirely.
The MTA website says the B42 bus runs every four to 20 minutes. Riders say the wait is rarely that short and that they sometimes wait an hour to get where they need to go.
According to the MTA schedule for the B42 bus, no rider should have to wait more than 12 minutes for a bus.
An MTA spokesperson tells News 12 that it's the agency's goal to provide the best service possible and that bus service is affected by traffic congestion, road conditions and other factors. The MTA says it takes the complaints very seriously and will review them.