Commuters say N, R train fixes & shorter wait times aren’t working

Commuters in Brooklyn say they are confused about the MTA’s announcement about the change to expand midday service on the N and R trains to reduce wait times. They say sometimes, the wait times are even longer than before the announcement. 
The MTA announced last month it would be expanding service for the N and R trains in the middle of the day to try and reduce wait times down to around eight minutes.  
Train riders who regularly commute in southern Brooklyn told News 12 that they have actually been experiencing longer wait times between trains, often for about 12-14 minutes.  
Sen. Andrew Gounardes says that commuters have come directly to his office to voice their concerns and point out that promises have not been delivered.  
"We went to MTA and said 'tell us what's really happening' and that is when we got the updated information that the R train is not ready for primetime," said Gounardes. "They knew they were going to be wrong, and that is why everyone is so upset and angry about this." News 12 has reached out to the MTA for a statement and is awaiting a response.