Concourse Village parking garage shuts down; leaves vehicles at risk of being towed

Residents in the Bronx are furious after they say hundreds of cars were at risk of getting towed after a parking garage at the Concourse Village housing complex was shut down.
Neighbors in the complex expressed their outrage over the inconvenience last weekend when they received a memo saying they needed to leave the garage by 5 p.m. on Monday just days before the deadline.
“They gave it out to certain people to certain buildings on a Saturday and then nobody was in office so nobody had a way of going into office to speak to anybody,” Jamela Abdul-Haqq told News 12.
Video taken from inside the parking garage by one of the residents shows the conditions inside after Department of Buildings issued the partial vacate order for the top level of the garage after observing cracked concrete beams.
During an emergency meeting for residents, questions for how long the closure would last went unanswered.
"Today there's not a timeline as yet as to how long this is going on,” said John Chen, general manager of the complex. “We are waiting for that information.”
People living in the complex pay $40 a month for parking, a deal compared to the hundreds of dollars neighbors leaving the garage say they'll have to pay.
As neighbors are unable to pull into this parking garage moving forward, they're shifting gears to call for change. They’re asking for a discounted, more affordable price for the parking garage next door, and they're calling to elect new people to the Concourse Village Board of Directors.