Coney Island man claims he was assaulted by police

A Coney Island man is recovering from injuries he says were caused by a police officer. 
Rayne Valentine says he was leaving work at Kings County Hospital around midnight a little over a week ago when he says he walked by a crowd from a protest that was engaging with police. 
Valentine says his wounds are still healing and that he is still trying to process the hectic and tense moments that led to the incident. He said his head was covered in blood. 
"Seeing how the climate is right now, how lucky I am to have actually survived that incident and it not being worse than it really could have been,” said Valentine. 
He says an officer hit him in the head with a baton and that his injury required seven staples. 
The NYPD says the incident is under investigation. 
"There needs to be more accountability for what's happening within these police forces,” said Valentine. 
Valentine and his lawyer are now in contact with the attorney general--which is investigating the incident. 
He says they’re considering a civil suit and hope their case will help prevent other incidents like this from happening.