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Coney Island NYCHA residents rally after having no gas for months

Coney Island residents and Assembly woman Mathylde Frontus gathered on Monday to call out the New York City Housing Authority for not providing gas for their tenants.

News 12 Staff

Jun 27, 2022, 10:06 PM

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A single stovetop and a microwave – that’s the only thing that Bonnie James has to make food in her apartment in O’Dwyer Gardens.
Since Friday, James’ apartment building at 2975 West 33rd St. has been without cooking gas. On Monday, she joined her neighbors and Assembly woman Mathylde Frontus to call out the New York City Housing Authority.
“It is undignified to leave people without a way to cook meals for their family,” said Assembly woman Frontus. “What is a little hot plate going to do for them? How insulting… can a small hot plate cook for a family of five or six?”
This building is the latest in the O’Dwyer Gardens complex to be without gas. Earlier this year, News 12 reporter that a tenant at 2951 West 33rd St. had been without gas since February. That building, almost five months later, remains without gas.
Tenants say not being able to cook proper meals is a huge financial burden, and just want fair treatment.
“We just want to be treated like human beings, we just want humane treatment,” said Bonnie James. “What is happening is demeaning.”
The tenant’s board is set to meet with a group of lawyers in the coming weeks to put together a petition asking for financial compensation after being without gas.
NYCHA gave News 12 a statement that said the following: 
“The leak affecting these residents is being caused by an existing three-inch waste line leak in one of the units. NYCHA plumbers have secured access and are on-site to make the repair."

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