Coney Island tenants: Constructions, trash buildup has caused rat problem

Residents in a Coney Island NYCHA development say they're disgusted and fed up with unsanitary conditions in their neighborhood that has led to a rat problem.
Many long-term residents of the Haber Houses say they've spotted dozens of rats at a time for months, living in holes created by ongoing construction and fed by piles of household trash being left on the streets.
Residents say they haven't seen any rats in their apartments so far, but fear it'll get to that point if it continues without a fix.
One person even says a rat jumped on their shoulder when they were taking out their trash.
After News 12 reached out to NYCHA Tuesday, residents say on Wednesday, rodent bait signs were posted outside the buildings and many holes were covered or filled in.
A NYCHA spokesperson said, "Staff inspect and treat the development's grounds on a weekly basis, with extermination treatments occurring as recently as today."
Tenants say the bags of trash, which stay outside for days at a time, are gone, but the smell on the grease-stained sidewalks remains.