Coney Island's world-famous Cyclone coaster turns 95

The famous Cyclone roller coaster at Coney Island turned 95-years old Sunday and the staff at Luna Park threw a birthday party in celebration.
Employees at Luna Park made sure the celebration was a special one to commemorate the roller coaster that is a part of world history.
They hosted live performances, welcomed special guests, gave a toast to the ride and even had a birthday gift.
As a gift to the park's guests, they allowed the first 95 people in line to ride for free.
General Manager of Luna Park Fernando Velasquez said they make sure to keep the maintenance up on the ride so that it continues to serve as a main attraction.
The one and only Cyclone has been a key component to the park since it debuted on June 26, 1927.
"We can build new coaster, but nothing can beat an iconic historic coaster. If you ride it, you can feel the noise of the wheels as it's going through the track, the acceleration, the dip, the jump, everything. It's incredible," Velasquez said.
The ride reaches a top speed of 60 miles per hour. It has plenty of drops and curves, including the massive 85-foot plunge at the start of the ride.
Cyclone riders said they were thrilled to see the ride make it to 95. Park staff said they will work to maintain the ride so that in five years, we'll be celebrating its 100th birthday.