Congestion tolling plan gains traction among city, state transit officials

Going over the many bridges and tunnels to enter Manhattan could potentially cost drivers more than before.  
A plan known as the Central Business District Tolling Program would include fees to drive even within the five boroughs for anyone planning on entering Manhattan. 
According to the MTA, a board would be set to determine toll prices, but the prices could change depending on the time of day. 
Several agencies, including the MTA and state and city transportation departments, released an environmental assessment of what congestion tolling could do.  
The assessment claims that congestion tolling will reduce congestion, speed up traffic, provide funding to the transit system, and provide cleaner air to New Yorkers.  
Some of the money from the program would also go towards the region’s commuter railroads. 
The agencies are hosting six public hearings, with the first one starting on Aug. 25.