Congresswoman Plaskett got her start at Bronx DA office

One of the leading faces in the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump got her start in New York City.   
Congresswoman Stacey Plaskett has represented the U.S. Virgin Islands for years, but she says she's never forgotten her roots in New York City.  
Congresswoman Plaskett is the first non-voting delegate working as an impeachment manager. 
The congresswoman, who is in her fourth term, grew up in NYCHA’'s Bushwick Houses before her family moved to the Lindsay Park development in Williamsburg. 
After law school, Congresswoman Plaskett worked at the Bronx’s DA office. 
Congresswoman Plaskett says all the recent attention is a little overwhelming, but says she also views it as a way to serve as an inspiration to others, remembering those who paved the way.