Councilman Brannan steps in to revive Leske’s Bakery in Bay Ridge

Leske’s Bakery, a popular staple in the Bay Ridge community, was back open this week after it was closed due to violations three weeks ago.
The shop, which has been open since 1961, had an issue with its landlord and a neighbor.
"We had a couple of violations for compressors on the roof and I guess because [the landlord] was getting fined, he wanted us to address these violations," says Kenneth Grande, of Leske’s Bakery.
The bakery says Councilman Justin Brannan stepped in to speak to the landlord and neighbor, and they were back open on Tuesday. They didn’t last long as racks were quickly emptied Wednesday.
There are still some hurdles ahead but Leske's plans to be open for the foreseeable future. The bakery plans to honor Brannan this weekend with special “JB” cookies.