Councilman Espinal, BP call on MTA to make Broadway Junction station more accessible

City leaders are calling for some big changes to one of the borough’s largest transit hubs - Broadway Junction.
It's estimated that about 100,000 people use the station daily, yet city leaders say the station is neglected.
They are calling on the MTA to step up in this part of Brooklyn.
Councilman Rafael Espinal and Borough President Eric Adams were joined by members of the Riders Alliance and community members Monday at the Broadway Junction station.
They say the riders have no access to elevators and that the escalators continue to break down. They also say the interior of the station has not been renovated in decades.
While the MTA does have signs that repairs are being made, organizers of Monday's event say it's not enough to bring this station up to speed, saying the current conditions shut out anyone who relies on a wheelchair or can’t use stairs.
They are asking for the MTA to come in and not only upgrade the station but also to make it completely accessible to those with disabilities.