Couple sues Mott Haven company, claims they were fired for not getting vaccinated

A Bronx company is facing a lawsuit by employees who claim they were forced to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs.
A couple claims Great Performances was unwilling to work with them, which forced them to take legal action. 
Sandra Balbin and her wife Jisselin Reyes filed a lawsuit at the Queens Supreme Court against the Mott Haven company after they say they were fired for not getting the vaccine. 
Balbin and Reyes were both placed on leave after opting out of the vaccine. Balbin says she is trying to get pregnant and wanted to wait until after she has the baby to consider the vaccine. 
She says she got a note from her doctor, who advised against getting vaccinated while she’s going through fertility treatments. 
However, she says the company rejected the note and that on May 28 she received a notice that she was no longer employed by the company. Now, they are suing based on discrimination and retaliation.
The company responded in a statement in part, “We have a large workforce, all of whom complied, with a few exceptions.  Those individuals were furloughed as we sought information from them to find an acceptable solution.  No one has been terminated.  They chose to pursue litigation instead of cooperating with the company.”
The couple is now concerned because the health insurance from the company covered their medical bills for the treatments. 
They expect to rack up debt as a result but say they are still confident in their decision.