Court abruptly adjourned in Robert Durst murder trial in L.A., doesn't take stand yet

Court was abruptly adjourned in Los Angeles where Hudson Valley real estate heir Robert Durst was expected to take the stand Thursday in his own defense.
The rare move is considered extremely risky for a defendant in a murder trial, but it's not a first for the 78-year-old accused killer.
Durst also took the stand during his 2003 Texas murder trial, where he was acquitted even after admitting to killing and dismembering his neighbor. He told the court it was an accident.
Durst is now facing murder charges in the death of his friend, Susan Berman.
He's accused of killing Berman to prevent her from revealing what happened to Durst's wife, Kathie, who disappeared from Westchester decades ago and hasn't been seen since.
Durst is not likely to take the stand until Monday when court resumes, according to News 12's Tara Rosenblum.