Creatives team up to highlight Brooklyn through a documentary project

Artist Anne Fink Bartoc teamed up with photographer Emily Schiffer to highlight Brooklyn through a documentary project titled 'Brooklyn Visionaries.'
The project is six years in the making and showcases everyday residents by uncovering the history of the borough through their eyes.
"There are so many people who have come to this borough who really know very little about it. I thought it was best to actually reveal the people who revived the cultural social institutions that have made this a place people really want to live," said Bartoc.
Bartoc and Schiffer launched their website and are working to turn the project into an exhibition and book.
By doing this work and telling these stories, Bartoc and Schiffer say they hope to bring people together.
"I think that the more we understand one another, the healthier our communities will be," said Bartoc.