D train conductor says she was assaulted in her cab on subway, suspect not arrested

A D train conductor says she was assaulted last night while in transit when someone kicked in the door to her cab and attacked her.  
Elizabeth Burton says that the incident unfolded while she was heading to the Kingsbridge subway station. When the train arrived, Burton says the man jumped out of her window with her keys to the train.  
She says two officers spoke with the man but let him go, gave Burton her keys back, and supposedly never asked if she wanted to press charges. Burton says the alleged assaulter told police that he knew her, but that wasn’t the case.  
"They spoke to him, and he said he knew me. And I was screaming 'He doesn't know me.' If he knew me, ask him my name. He couldn't give them my name,” said Burton.  
Burton did say that more officers arrived later on, eventually asking her more questions and if she wanted to press charges. She says that when she did want to make a report, there was nothing for them to report on because they did not even ask the alleged assaulter for identification.  
Burton says there weren’t officers on the platform, but that riders had to flag the officers who were by the turnstiles. 
The NYPD confirmed a report of harassment and trespass, stating that those are violations that officers must pursue an arrest for.